Choosing Exterior Paint Colour

Updated March 2023

Choosing Exterior Paint Colour

Choosing the right exterior paint colour for your home or business can be daunting.  This is partly due to colour permanence.  However, with a few simple guidelines and tips, choosing your exterior colour can be made easy.  Whether it be trim, shutters, or wood panelling, the most important things to keep in mind are …

the surrounding environment,

paint colour scheming, and

how it reflects your overall vicinity.

Take Note of Your Surrounds

The surrounding environment of the home or business is crucial to choosing the right paint colour for your exterior. It is important to take note of the things that encompass where you wish to paint. For example, in a neighbourhood, take a look at your neighbour’s homes and the colour schemes of their exterior and use that as a guideline to your exterior paint colour scheme.

Not only will choosing a colour scheme similar to that of the surrounding buildings create a sense of unity, but it will also be very appealing to the eye. Also, using other aspects of your home or business, such as the hues in the roofing, or the specks of colour in the bricks, can create a colour scheme that produces unity.

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